About Tina

I am occasionally asked why  I chose Massage Therapy as a career.  For many years I felt it was just something that chose me.  Two and one half decades later-wow that sounds like a really long time-I am sure it did choose me.

There is more than happenstance going on here.   I have also battled with depression most of my life.   After spending countless hours in therapy and devouring self help books-that was the thing in the late 80’s and 90’s-I had some success getting in touch with my “issues“.   But it would be a gift certificate for massage that changed the course of my life, ignited my passion for healing bodywork, and the desire to become a Massage Therapist.

Depression isolates and separates one from a functioning world.  Touch is nurturing and healing.  As one who has and continues to receive massage I understand how, once on the table and the moment I feel the acknowledging and compassionate hands upon my body, I know… I am safe.  A mind that has been consumed with worry and anxiety begins to slow down and I am present in my body and with my breath.  I can release the armor, the churning thoughts, the feelings of separation… and heal.