Sitting may shorten your life span

Its 8:29 am and I am sitting at my computer reading an article written by Anne Fisher for Fortune magazine.  Basically, it cites a couple of studies that include evidence that sitting at your desk increases your risk of heart disease and/or premature death.  Sitting at your desk for long periods of time and suffering the consequences isn’t gender specific. Men and women are at risk for early death.

Dwomen in the office with back paino we really need a study to conclude that sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day can be hazardous to one’s health?  As a massage therapist, I have seen the ill effects of a sedentary office job and life style.  Chronic neck and shoulder pain, low back and sciatic pain, poor circulation in the lower extremities, and some degree of “bursitis” either to hip or shoulder.  Lack of movement creates lack of flexibility and overall fatigue.  Think about it for a moment and visualize what happens to your joints, muscles, and circulation when you don’t get up and move.  I have also noted, many who sit at their desks all day, eat a meal and take breaks at their desks.  Maybe, eating wasn’t even on the schedule.  Some have mentioned that they actually forget to void during the day.  So, how many Uti’s and bladder infections are a result of your desk job?

The good news, exercise!  Get up and move away from the desk-NOW.  Take the stairs and take your breaks away from the desk.  If you just can’t get away from your desk, (then you must be handcuffed to it)   stand up, stretch, move and BREATH.  Here’s another tip:   Walk 10 minutes before you go to work.  Do it again at lunch and before you head home.  And lastly, before or after you eat dinner. That’s 40 minutes of walking per day!

By now, you are probably wondering what massage therapy has to do with any of this.  Well, there’s a pretty good chance you will end up on my table.  Why?  Because, I believe the overall effect of a desk job not only plays havoc with your body, it can decrease your overall sense of well being.beard business man has neck pain At the end of the day, you look forward to the end of the day and then the weekend.  Why?  So you can finally recline on the couch and recover.  Wait a minute! You’ve just spent 40 hours plus sitting at a desk and now you’re are going to spend your weekend recovering?  Back it up.  It’s time to for a reality check.  You will find the awareness you need with exercise and a few work and lifestyle changes.  Massage will bring awareness back into your body. We will explore your chronic muscle pain and lack of flexibility, get real about why you are suffering and what you can do about it.  Massage can increase circulation, decrease discomfort, increase flexibility and improve personal well being.